Organizational Effectiveness

The Executive Edge®, Inc. has a cadre of seasoned professionals who understand what it take to be successful in driving large-scale change across an organization. We partner with you to develop organization-wide solutions to some of your most complex human capital challenges. Core capabilities include the design of customized Performance Management Systems to help your organization implement goal setting, coaching for optimal performance, conduct performance calibrations, conduct effective performance evaluations and drive the development planning process to achieve your business results.

We also work with organizations to design and implement organization-wide Change Management initiatives that span departments, business units or total organizations in order to successfully launch the desired results.

Lastly, we have helped several organizations craft their desired culture. We work closely with your executive team to identify the desired cultural attributes and what is will take to drive the Cultural Transformation to enable the achievement of your business strategies. We have worked hand in hand with several firms who have recently been recognized as some of the “Best 100 Companies to Work For” and can put these proven culture transformation techniques to work for your organization.

Change Management, Culture Transformation, Organization Design and Restructuring, Performance Management Design and Implementation, Merger and Acquisition Integration, Succession Planning and Talent Management Process Design

Culture Transformation

Change Management

Our seasoned consultants are prepared to work with you to lead change at all levels of the organization. Our change management processes will walk executives through a disciplined process for identifying key stakeholders, selecting the right teams, building aggressive but realistic plans, communicating with key players who must own the change and empowering managers to lead through change. In addition, we never lose site of the need to engage your workforce and ensure that they know “why” the change is taking place as well as their vital role in making it happen.

Culture Transformation

High performing organizations realize that their business plans depend upon having a positive corporate culture. This culture can help or hinder the success of the total organization. We have experts who are prepared to work with your executive team to identify your company’s desired culture and build a process which enables them to achieve it. We have designed a leading-edge process involving high potential employees in driving the cultural change process. We can ensure that your organization benefits from years of proven success in transforming cultures that re-engage and energize the workforce.

Organization Design and Restructuring

Your organization may have great business strategies, but lack the optimal organizational structure to see these plans through to completion. We will work with your team to design and facilitate a process to identify the optimal structure to support your strategies. We will design roles that clearly delineate what is required as well as the interdependencies and structure the selection process to ensure the right people are placed into the right roles. Lastly, we will build communication plans that will ensure a smooth transition to the new structure. Consider The Executive Edge® to be your partner in guiding your organization in its organizational restructuring from start to finish.

Performance Management Design and Implementation

The Executive Edge, Inc. designs customized performance management processes which integrate your own tools and HR processes.  If they do not exist, we’ll be happy to work with you to design custom, turnkey tools to drive your performance management process from setting and aligning goals to coaching for optimal performance to development planning to evaluating performance. Done well, it enables the execution of business strategy by creating alignment, accountability and focus We’ll deliver both the processes and tools to drive accountability and maximize performance at all levels of the organization starting at the top.

In addition, we have exceptional training that equips your leaders with the skills and confidence to gain the commitment from their teams while driving accountability for results. Our offerings include setting and aligning goals, coaching for optimal results, developing talent, conducting effective performance evaluations, and recognition of exceptional results. Every training module is built with your culture in mind, so that it will stand the test of time.

Merger and Acquisition Integration

Most mergers/acquisitions fail to reach their full potential because the integration of the two organizations is not handled as effectively as possible. We have years of proven experience in guiding organizations through the merger and acquisition integration process. We can partner with your leadership team to drive a successful integration process and minimal disruption to the business. We will design the process and tools which will enable your team to learn from countless organizations who have wrestled with integration issues. Your success depends upon your ability to effectively lead your organization through this process. We work behind-the-scenes to engage and involve your leaders in the process, capitalize on best practices and retain the top talent through it all thus ensuring a successful transition.

Succession Planning and Talent Management Process Design

Future leaders must have broad-based experience to adapt their skills to a variety of possible opportunities. This means that succession planning needs to move beyond naming replacements or focusing on a single job or career path. Since succession plans are unique to each organization, a well-designed succession management process begins with an organization’s business strategy, corporate culture and values, ensuring you have the bench strength to fill future leader positions and accelerate organizational performance.

We can design an end-to-end process to evaluate and identify your top talent. We can also work with you to develop customized development strategies to grow your high potentials once identified through this process resulting in an increase year over year of “ready now” leaders.