Building Functional Competencies Toolkit

Whether you are faced with filling a new position or identifying high potential talent based on for job promotions, it is imperative to start with the identification of the necessary job competencies. This guide serves as a turnkey approach to facilitating a group through the process of identifying functional competencies required for success. Learn a proven methodology for guiding a group through this disciplined process. This guide comes with ready to use facilitator slides and handouts to walk a team of leaders through a rich dialogue resulting in agreement on the critical competencies for a given role or group of roles within a job function. Through this discussion, you will be able to drive a consistent and clear methodology for building functional competencies in your organization.

Merger and Acquisition Toolkit

Following years of experience in leading the merger/acquisition integration processes, we have listened and responded to clients who want a systematic and disciplined methodology for integrating organizations following a merger/acquisition. This facilitator guide will walk you through the key considerations before, during and after the merger/acquisition. Learn the vital steps in integration to ensure that your transition is smooth and minimizes internal disruption. Most acqquisitions that have failed have done so because the post-integration was not well planned and/or executed. Learn from the many corporations who have succeeded in the integration process and the techniques they used to ensure integration was achieved. Take away a set of tools that will enable you to proactively plan and execute this process.

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