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Organizations are constantly looking to upgrade the skills and knowledge of their leaders. For years, we have been asked to design a set of certification programs to teach leaders how to use disciplined processes to 1)Guide the strategic planning process within their respective organization, 2)Drive organizational design/restructuring initiatives and 3) Build the capability of internal leaders in the executive coaching process. In doing so, your organization reduces its reliance on consultants and builds capability in-house.

In response to this need, we have designed three unique leadership certificate programs which can be delivered within your organization to equip your leaders with our proven process methodologies and tools to drive the process internally. Furthermore, we are able to customize the tools with your logos to make it your own.

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Who Should Attend?

Line leaders who must facilitate the planning process for their organization
Director, Strategic Planning
Executive Teams
Director, Organizational Development
Vice-President, Organizational Development

Who are the Session Facilitators?

The certification sessions are lead by a team of Organizational Development experts who have worked in and consulted with Fortune 500 organizations to design and implement organization-wide change initiatives for over 20 years. All are proven leaders in their field. They have worked with or in the following companies: Sony, ACNielsen, Tribune Company, Harris Corporation, R.R. Donnelley, Kraft, Pepsi Co, Sears, Baxter, American Express, DeVry, Harris Bank, Bank of Montreal, Principal Financial Group, McDonalds, Bel Brands, Sara Lee and more. Each brings a wealth of experience which includes design and facilitation of strategic planning sessions, restructuring of business units/departments, leadership assessments, development planning, executive coaching at senior levels of the organization, and high potential development strategies to name a few. Learn from seasoned professionals who will guide you through successes worth repeating as well as pitfalls to avoid.

The Coaching AdvantEdge™

This session is designed to prepare leaders to deliver a holistic coaching process for a high potential leader of the business. This leadership certification course takes an individual through the various stages of a successful executive coaching relationship. Major components covered include: Contracting with the leader, leadership assessment, development planning, follow up and measurement.

Strategic Planning for Competitive AdvantEdge™

Are you satisfied with the strategic thinking skills of your leadership team? Do they demonstrate innovative, bold thought processes which can result in transformational growth versus incremental improvements? We have designed a proven process and set of tools that can be used to aid line and staff leaders in facilitating strategic planning sessions which result in a clear vision, mission, strategic objectives, strategies and operational plans to fully realize your stakeholders' expectations. Learn how to facilitate a deep dialogue on your current state relative to your organization's competition, customers, core competencies, culture, vulnerabilities, opportunities and more. This organizational view of the current state will serve as a back drop and foundation for building and aligning the future business strategies to drive long-term sustainability and growth. This planning process can be utilized at the department, organization or corporation levels.

Organizational Design AdvantEdge™

Learn a proven process for leading an executive leader through the design and restructuring of his/her organization. Take away turnkey tools which will aid you in leading the initial discussion with your core team, identify and evaluate alternative structures, weave in the core competencies necessary for success into the new organizational structure, define roles with clear lines of authority and interdependencies, facilitate organizational design meetings with confidence, arrive at the optimal structure which aligns with the business strategies and build a robust communication plan to ensure smooth transitions to the new structure. Both process and tools will be provided.

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